Happy Birthday Gerard Butler

This guy is a lot of fun, charming and humble  and Felix was deeply impressed finding out that he was watching his jump from the stratosphere.  They might not share the same love for flying or the same courage, but they share the passion for….Romanian women:)).  Gerald was dating a gorgeous Romanian model and actress and Felix is still on, with his Romanian-living- in -Monaco girl….

Verva Street Racing in Poland 2015

Felix has participated for the 1st time on this amazing polish event, Verva Street Racing. This time, his co driver was…his girlfriend, Mihaela. No wonder this  hot team won the second place, after the polish champion Thomas Kuchar.  After the race, Felix has made a drifting show  for the 50 000 people attending the event, together with Kuba Przygonski, the famous world champion in drifting. The next big motorsport event in Poland will be the Barborka Rally in December. And of course Mihalinka and Felix will compete there as well. It is gonna be Mihalinkas first Rally as a co pilot. Good luck both of you.


VERVA Street Racing, 24.10.2015







VERVA Street Racing, 24.10.2015


Receiving the Steiger Award together with Peter Lindbergh and Karen Alexander

The Steiger Award goes to those people who accomplished something meaningful for the whole world, in different categories.  Nena, Udo JürgensBoris BeckerDavid FrostBob Geldof, Sir Richard Chamberlain Christopher Lee, Jean Michel JarreBonnie Tyler Peter Lindbergh and so many others were among the recipients of this award. Felix has his warm ovations  and applauses in 2015, as the winner of Steiger Awards in the Sport Category, 3 years after his historical jump.  Not bad, for a sky diver, though …:)

Goodwood Festival of Speed with Nick Mason Drummer of Pink Floyd

Goodwood Festival of Speed is The event to attend, if you are sensitive to engine noise, old cars  shapes and charm,  the fastest new cars,  motorcycle shows and racing . It’s probably one of the biggest and interesting moving museum, everything you wanna know  and see it’s there, right in front of your eyes.  Plus, it’s one of those rare occasion where you can hang out with living legends, big champions of all times, key guys from the racing industry or…big stars which are there just racers. Lord of March is the father of this great event and for sure he deserves  all the  laudatio for his outstanding work. Felix was glad to have been there, driving a  Star  Gordon Benett from 1905, the property of Hermann Layher ( Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany).  And, hell, yes, is good to come back home with the sticks signed and offered  with a true friendship by Nick Mason, the legendary Pink Floyd’s drummer.  Felix was also spotted chatting with Jean Todt,  Sir Chris Hoy, Giacomo Agostini, Nico Roseberg, Sir Jackie Stewart and many other friends, old or just in…

Grand Prix in Monaco with Liam Cunningham

Every year Felix gets an invitation to Grand Prix in Monaco. Sometimes, if his schedule it‘s friendly, he can go to this historical race, right in the middle of the action. He has made an effort this year not only because his girlfriend lives in Monaco, but also because a lot of his friends were there too. Liam Cunningham  (Game of Thrones) was a double surprise, because Felix he has no idea that he is one of his biggest fan. Cunnigham admire Felix not only for his professional achievements, but also for the…start in life, as a mechanic. Liam Cunnigham was …an electrician, long before he became  an international movie star.

Ambassador for Volkswagen

Felix and Volskwagen  teamed up for a successful 3 years advertising campaign worldwide. As a trustful opinion leader and with a super professional behavior, Felix is always a great choice for advertisers, but just if the brand suits his personal life style, his image and his beliefs.

Cover Shoot Men’s Health Singapore

From Russia to Singapore, from Italy to Romania and all over the world, Felix is always a top image for promoting a healthy and sporty life style. He has an iron discipline with himself and that’s why he is always a good choice for any cover. He is really telling the story, no bullshit included…

Dinner with Jeff Bridges

When you eat your popcorn and watch …. The Big Lebowski, for example, you never think that you might share your dinner with … Lebowski. But, life can find a way to put your chair exactly next to his chair and.. you share some great moments, without popcorn, but with a lot of emotions.

 Just a gentle reminder :

Bridges is one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for an Academy Award (1972, age 22, Best Supporting Actor, The Last Picture Show), and one of the oldest ever to win (2010, age 60, Best Actor, Crazy Heart).[13][14] Crazy Heart also won him the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama, and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

Bridges received his sixth Academy Award nomination for his role in True Grit, a collaboration with the Coen brothers in which he starred alongside Matt DamonJosh BrolinBarry Pepper, and Hailee Steinfeld.
He is a bad ass guitar player, a great amateur photographer, a great dad and grand father ….and a truly great guy to hang out.

Guest at the United Nation Headquarter in NY

Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary General, was more than curious to meet Felix Baumgartner. The meeting took place in New York, on October, 24th, 2012, at ONU. It is probably the last place where you would expect to see a skydiver, but Felix stole the show by all meanings, so… no surprise. Well, maybe just one – a leather jacket at ONU could be also an extreme sport :))))

Guest Star Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show

Everybody was sitting on that couch, talking to Jimmy Fallon. You name it…, cause it’s really hard to choose a super star from the movie industry, a top singer, a politician, a world champion, a best selling author…. Well, it was not so hard for Felix to be invited there too, in a big media tour in United States, following his jump from stratosphere.  Great guy, this multi talented actor, TV host, singer, comedian, producer Jimmy Fallon….