My first Back Flip in a helicopter

After 10 years of flying helicopters all over the world, I’ve finally reached my goal . Stay tune for next year surprises in the air !
And remember – when people keep asking you what’s your next challenge, don’t bother answer, just work on it, no matter how hard is it or how long it takes. At the end of this path, there are no more questions, just answers.
To watch my video click this link: Heli Aeroabatics Soul

4th Anniversary of Red Bull Stratos

TIME TO CELEBRATE the 4th anniversary of Red Bull Stratos. The movie SPACE DIVE is to remember everyone out there, that everything is possible! Passion, discipline, total dedication and the ability to motivate people for your idea are the key to success! I wanna say thank you to my awesome Team, Sponsors and Joe Kittinger, who was such an important asset to this program. I will never forget this outstanding journey and I am so proud that we’ve crossed the finish line together. How do you want to be remembered?

“Sometimes you’ve to go up really high to understand how small you are”

Airpower 2016

Returning back from the Airpower16 Airshow. What a great event! Awesome pilots, great performances and outstanding displays. Proud to be part of it! Thanks to everyone involved.

Another Day in the Office

Eurocopter EC 130. What a great helicopter! Just landed at Villa Feltrinelli in Italy to pick up some passengers. Next- Venice.

Mark Zuckerberg deleted Felix Baumgartner’s facebook fanpage! 1,5 Million fans worldwide discriminated!

This is a total disappointment for millions of fans worldwide!
Yesterday early in the morning Facebook shutdown my facebook fan page and WIPED out 1.5 million FANS around the globe at the same time. Facebook told me that I am pretending to be someone else so I contacted them via the help center and also sent a picture ID. Nobody ever responded to me! This is completely unacceptable and if you wanna help to get my FB fanpage back than LIKE and SHARE my website with all your people to start the buzz!
Thanks to everyone for helping

Erzberg Rodeo- Hard Enduro Race in Austria

The highlight of Hard Enduro Racing in 2016. The jewel in the crown of the weekend’s proceedings is the Red Bull Hare Scramble, with 500 riders clawing their way out of the bottom of a quarry to try and conquer the Iron Mountain. And I will be there with aBell 212 Helicopter to take you guys on a ride up into the sky. From the 26th of June till the 29th of June 2016. Don’t miss it!!


Key Note Speech at SEAT in Barcelona

Going to Barcelona Spain on the 4th of April 2016 to speak at a major event for SEAT.

The main topics are vision and imagination, leading complex projects,
team-building and how to cope with pressure.

Key Note Speech for Ernst & Young in Monaco

Flying to Monaco on the 16th of June 2016 for another speaking engagement at the  Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala located at the Royal Opera House in Monaco.

These are the topics.

Lessons from a high flyer

Felix Baumgartner has a passion for pushing limits — especially in the air. He is an expert parachutist best known for space diving in a helium balloon over New Mexico, United States for a Red Bull beverage promotion and for completing an unprecedented free-fall flight across the English Channel using a carbon wing. What can we learn from him about the value of proper planning, preparation and the importance of taking risks to push the limits of what’s possible?

►           It’s never too late to take a leap.

►           Everyone has the potential to do something they think is impossible.


4th Anniversary of my first test jump from 21 kilometers

I don’t know what you were doing on March 15th, 4 years ago, but for me it was for sure a very special day. After years of training, research with my team, pain and sweat, I was ready and able to do the first test jump 21 km above the ground. On that day after I landed safely on the ground in Roswell New Mexico we all knew it is possible to break the speed of sound. It is only a matter of time until my dream will become reality- and it did!


World Action Sportsman of the Year 3rd Anniversary

Exactly today, 3 years ago, I had the joy to be the Action Sportsman of the Year, winning the Laureus Award, in Rio de Janeiro, from Morgan Freeman’s hands. Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Valentino Rossi, Ronaldo, Michael Schumacher are among the members of this very exclusive club of Laureus winners. More to read on my website.

Dropping free skiers on Swiss summits

Together with my friend and supporter Juerg Fleischmann from the Lions Air Group we dropped free skiers on top of some mind blowing mountains here in the french part of Switzerland. Way to go!

Finland Rally Camp

Going to Finnland  on the 19th of March 2016 together with my Rally Coach Manfred Pfeiffenberger. Testing all day long for a week will hopefully rise my skills to the next level. Something big is coming up soon. More info´s later.


Flying to Los Angeles to celebrate Christmas and the New Year

2015 has been an incredible successful year and now it is time chill out in a different city. LA is the place to be and that´s why my girl and me stay there for Christmas and New Years Eve. Will be back in Switzerland at the beginning of February 2016. Happy New Year to all my fans…stay with me also in 2016. FELIX and MIHAELA

Racing at the Barburka Rally in Poland

Felix and Mihaela are competing together  for the very first time at the Barburka Rally in Poland. Four stages plus the last on in the middle of  Warsaw at night in front of thousand of spectators. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity.

Bell 212 check flight

Felix is a commercial helicopter pilot and currently he held’s 9 ratings. Today he did his check flight with a Bell 212 together with Roy Knaus from Heli Austria. This is another big step in Felix’s plan to become a mountain rescue pilot.

Felix - Checkflug Bell 212 - OE-XAA - (10)

Felix - Checkflug Bell 212 - OE-XAA - (8)

Felix - Checkflug Bell 212 - OE-XAA - (6)

Film shooting for Red Bull Helidrift

Can you pursue a 1000-hp drift car in a helicopter – like in the action scene of some Hollywood film – just a few metres off the ground? Alongside Polish professional rally driver, Jakub Przygoński, Red Bull Stratos world record holder and helicopter pilot, Felix Baumgartner shows us that anything is possible as long as you’re in perfect control of your flying machine.

In the Red Bull Heli Drifting video, you see Baumgartner in his two-tonne MBB Bo 105 (a Flying Bulls aerobatics helicopter) going after Przygoński’s Toyota GT 86 down a runway in Debrzno, Poland. In this interview, Baumgartner tells us why he destroyed a dartboard and which job in Hollywood he’s most tempted by.

Heli_Drift_f.L.Nazdraczew_DSD0696 2
Heli_Drift_f.L.Nazdraczew_DSD0440 2

Happy Birthday Eva Longoria

Happy Birthday Eva. May all your dreams come true.  You are a true  inspiration to all of us and of course a great actress . It  is always a lot of fun to hang out with you.


Image 10

Racing with Team Phoenix at Bathurst 12 Hour

Felix was piloting one of the two Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS, together with Christopher Haase and Stephane Ortelli in the AP class. They’ve finished the race on place 9, among 53 competitors. The heat was on and of course Felix as an extrem athlete is always on the edge. Check it out when he was overtaking Ivo Breuker…!

Here is the link of the crash –

















Racing together with Audi at the 24hour of Nürburg

The legendary 24hour of race at the “Nürburgring” is one of the most dangerous and challenging races on this planet. It is difficult to race but so easy to die here and thats most likely the reason why they called it “THE GREEN HELL”.


Keynote Speech for Symantec at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

We know what you guys  are thinking  of…. Las Vegas it‘ s a special place to be, to gamble, to have fun, to …whatever. But not for our skydiver, who was there to…speak in front of a very interesting crowd, about… managing the risk, achieving the goals and dealing with success. For a guy who was not the best in school , it‘s pretty tough to speak in front of so many geeks ( sorry, guys, try to see the positive sense 🙂 and have fun and… have one of the longest autograph session after… So, no, he was not gambling in Las Vegas, but he won a lot more than money :).

Honored with the CGDC Award in Vienna Austria

Outstanding people have extraordinary effects on us. Felix Baumgartner is the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on his descent. He is also renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career. In his  project Red Bull Stratos, Mr. Baumgartner left the whole world breathless and astonished as he jumped to Earth from a helium balloon in the stratosphere and set the altitude record and greatest free fall velocity on 14 October  2012. 

In recognition of his outstanding work, indomitable courage and determination to challenge limits and as such encouraging others to strive beyond the boundaries of any form, Felix was invited to receive this CGDC Award….in Austria, his mother country. 

Northland Photo Shoot

Northland is a long time supporter and partner of Felix Baumgartner. This brand is not only mountain gear it is also and fashion brand and always a good choice for cool people. Be part of the shooting for the upcoming season’s collection.

Felix Baumgartner, Julia Ganster


Felix Baumgartner, Julia Ganster


Felix Baumgartner, Julia Ganster


Felix Baumgartner, Julia Ganster



Felix honored with the Spike Guy’s Choice Award in Hollywood

Spike Guy’s Choice Award in Hollywood is….the most wanted award, for the biggest name on this planet.  So, here are some winners :  Adam Sandler,  Beyonce,  Will Ferell,  Gerald Butler,  Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz,  Angelina Jolie,  Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, Jeff Bridges …..and we can continue, while you raise your eyebrows, trying to find the connection with our winner :)))
Ladies and Gentleman, The  MANKIND AWARD goes to…. Felix Baumgartner ! And it‘s quite cool to see Jimmy Kimmel, Vince Vaughn, Burt Reynolds,  Jennifer Lawrence and so many other famous people cheering for the Austrian skydiver….

Meet Jackie Chan

When we hear a familiar name, we think we know all about that person…. But, there are  always more spices  to discover, specially when you have the chance to meet such a guy. Jackie Chan is a living legend and his professional story it’s a very inspiring one – actor, martial artist, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer. In his movies, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself. Chan has been training in Kung fu and Wing Chun. He has been acting since the 1960s and has appeared in over 150 films. He made it. And he was full of admiration for Felix, when they first met. Admiration and friendship rezist. On both sides.

Celebrating Jean Paul Belmondo’s Birthday

They‘ve met at a French TV show –  “Vivement Dimanche”,  and they’ve  hang out in Pavilion Gabriel, In Paris, celebrating his birthday. They share a passion back in their early 20th for….amateur boxing, both undefeated, even if the passion was there for a very short time. The amazing french actor , who’s  “Stavisky” masterpiece is still in everybody‘’s heart, will always be a great story to tell…..

Meet Tom Cruise again

These guys just get along well together, every time they meet. Felix is a big fan of the  great American movie star, who is also a pilot,  (Cruise likes planes and Baumgartner…is into helicopters), but Tom really knocked out  Felix, but telling him – “YOU ARE A REAL ACTION HERO,  Felix, I just act this kind of guys ” ……….

Laureus World Action Sportsman of the Year

Morgan Freeman and Eva Longoria were the hosts for the Laureus Awards Gala, in 2013, Rio de Janeiro, announcing that the  WORLD ACTION SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR  is….Felix Baumgartner.    Another happy moment for Felix, another opportunity  to meet some of the greatest athletes and sport persons of this world.

Millenium Bambi Winner together with Salma Hayek

For those who are not familiar with these  awards, here are some legendary winners, starting with Jean Marais, Sophia Loren, Celine Dion, and continuing with Michael Jackson,  Shakira, Christoph Waltz,  Giorgio Armani and so on… Yes, there is a connection with the famous book “Bambi, a life in the woods”, by Felix Salten, but  Hubert Burda Media’s intention was and still is to recognize excellence and performance in various fields…including….sky diving and breaking the speed of sound. So, here it comes Felix Baumgartner, collecting another prestigious award , with this explanation :  ” Baumgartner not only broke three records,  but also created a global media event that fascinated all generations on a scale that has not been seen since the moon landing in the 1960s.”

Guest Star at Jay Leno’s Late Night Show

Another great appearance for Felix in Jay Leno’s show, this time for his outstanding jump from the stratosphere, in 2012.  In the same evening, Tom Cruise and col. Joe Kittinger were sitting next to Felix and Kool and the Gang were the musical guests in Jay Leno’s  Late Night Show.

Jay Leno’s Late Night Show together with Michael Clark Duncan

The fact that Felix was the first person ever to skydive across  the English Channel became a major subject around the world, back in 2005. No wonder Jay Leno wanted him in his show, for the first time.  Double pleasure for Felix – he became friend with one of the greatest TV host of all times, but  he also had the chance to spend precious moments with … the missing Michael Clark Duncan, the great American actor   (The green mile, Planet of the Apes,  The Scorpion King, Armageddon…)….