Global Speaker

Every successful person, specially those in the category “the best in the world”, has an amazing story to share to the world. From business men, to students, from journalists to… just dreamers, they all want to know the recipe of success, they are all inspired by people who have made it so far that they become role models.


This is what happened to Felix after his breathtaking jump, when people around the world become interested in his astonished career. Therefore, he is invited almost every month in different countries, as a motivational speaker or as special guest to exclusive events, where he is talking about success, risk management, life discipline, healthy lifestyle, organising in all details a project and so on.

His main Agency as global speaker is CAA – the Creative Art Agency, based in LA, but he can also be booked through his personal assistant, Katja Lock (see contact).

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He was given speeches in New York (Waldorf Astoria), in Germany, Austria, England, Romania, Dubai, Monaco, Kuweit, Poland, Los Angeles, Italy, Singapore, Australia…

Felix - Las Vegas - 7.-9. 5. 2014- (80)


Felix - Las Vegas - 7.-9. 5. 2014- (3)

The most recent was again in Dubai, the “World Risk Conference 2015”, in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid, Crowne Prince of Dubai.