Millenium Bambi Winner together with Salma Hayek

For those who are not familiar with these  awards, here are some legendary winners, starting with Jean Marais, Sophia Loren, Celine Dion, and continuing with Michael Jackson,  Shakira, Christoph Waltz,  Giorgio Armani and so on… Yes, there is a connection with the famous book “Bambi, a life in the woods”, by Felix Salten, but  Hubert Burda Media’s intention was and still is to recognize excellence and performance in various fields…including….sky diving and breaking the speed of sound. So, here it comes Felix Baumgartner, collecting another prestigious award , with this explanation :  ” Baumgartner not only broke three records,  but also created a global media event that fascinated all generations on a scale that has not been seen since the moon landing in the 1960s.”