4th Anniversary of Red Bull Stratos

TIME TO CELEBRATE the 4th anniversary of Red Bull Stratos. The movie SPACE DIVE is to remember everyone out there, that everything is possible! Passion, discipline, total dedication and the ability to motivate people for your idea are the key to success! I wanna say thank you to my awesome Team, Sponsors and Joe Kittinger, who was such an important asset to this program. I will never forget this outstanding journey and I am so proud that we’ve crossed the finish line together. How do you want to be remembered?

“Sometimes you’ve to go up really high to understand how small you are”

Mark Zuckerberg deleted Felix Baumgartner’s facebook fanpage! 1,5 Million fans worldwide discriminated!

This is a total disappointment for millions of fans worldwide!
Yesterday early in the morning Facebook shutdown my facebook fan page and WIPED out 1.5 million FANS around the globe at the same time. Facebook told me that I am pretending to be someone else so I contacted them via the help center and also sent a picture ID. Nobody ever responded to me! This is completely unacceptable and if you wanna help to get my FB fanpage back than LIKE and SHARE my website with all your people to start the buzz!
Thanks to everyone for helping